Choosing the Right Golf Putters

Golf Putters Among all the types of golf clubs, the putter is probably the one that has the most variety. Golf putters come in all shapes, head designs, lengths, and sizes. All these tiny little differences in appearance affect the way you do your stroke while you are putting on the green.

To choose the right golf putter, the team from has come up with a list of design factors that you can take into consideration before purchasing a putter. Whether you are new at golf or an expert golfer, these factors should still be considered.

The best golf putters have to fit your putting style, not the other way around. You should buy a putter that best suits your style of putting. If you prefer a square putting style then you might better benefit from using a putter with a mallet head. A mallet head putter usually has more weight so your stroke won’t move so much. If you prefer arc putting over square putting, then you are better suited at using a blade putter.

Consider the right length of golf putters before you buy

How tall you are and how long your arms are will play a factor in choosing the right length of putter. Where you grip your putter should also be considered when buying. To find the right length putter, you should get into your putting position and just start putting. When you putt, your elbows should be touching your ribs and should be slightly bent. Your movement should not feel restricted or uncomfortable. You should not be too hunched over as in the case of a too short putter, or leaning too far away from the ball as in the case of a too long putter. Too long or too short putters also affect your line of sight to the hole.

Weight is another factor that you need to consider. Each putter is built with a particular swing weight so you should consider which ones you are comfortable with. There are no set rules as to how you choose the weight of your putter. Choosing the right weigh often comes down to preference and what type of golf course you’ll be playing at. Expert golfers say that a lighter putter will be easier to use in fast greens, while a heavier putter works well on slow greens. Test this theory out for yourself and see if it works for you. The weight of the golf putters that you choose should not be too heavy that you have a hard time controlling it or too light that it feels like a toy in your hands.

Putter lie angle also affects how you putt

Golf-PuttersThe sole of the putter should lie flat on the ground. You should find a putter that does exactly this. Some putter shafts connect at the heel of the putter giving it a slight angle so your sole lies flat. Others connect at the middle of the putter called center shafted putter which sometimes gives you a smaller angle. Test both kinds to see which works best for you.

Some futuristic style putters look even more complicated but their manufacturers swear that their unusually designed putter can help bring your ball easily to the target hole. A good club fitter can help tailor fit your putt lie angle for you if you want a more precise fit. Otherwise you can try sending back your putter to the manufacturer so they can custom fit it for you.

The two types of putter head determine the balance point which is another important factor in putting. The first type of putter head is the face balanced head. If your style of putting is straight back and through you will benefit from using this type of putter. The other type of putter head is the toe balance head. People with arc stroke putting style prefer this kind of putter head.

All these golf jargons might sound confusing to a beginner. But don’t worry. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough. The more you play, the more you will understand what all these concepts and jargons mean.

Why PCB Fabrication is a Popular Hobby


The process of PCB fabrication is something that every person can try to do as a DIY home project. The individual just has to have the interest in understanding the methods used for creating the PCB, as well as the interest to decipher the different graphic symbols on the schematic diagram. The process of creating the schematic diagram cannot be skipped because this serves as the blueprint by which the mounting of the PCB’s components is going to be based on.


One way to easily decipher a schematic diagram is by remembering that the symbols stand for each component and the letters are merely abbreviations of the names of each component. For instance, the letter BT on the diagram paired with the symbols + and – is understandably an indication that  spot is where the battery terminal would go. The “+/-” symbols indicate which way the battery should be facing when mounted. Electrical wires are normally indicated with lines, and in complex diagrams the lines would be in different colors to indicate the different types of wires that serve varying purposes.


The diagram can be created on a computer with the aid of a specially-designed program. This gives the PCB creator the advantage of being able to test the feasibility of the circuit board according to how the components are arranged on the diagram. However, the computer program can be a bit expensive and would not be a worthy investment if the individual does not have any intention of earning an income out of his PCB fabrication hobby. They can make use of free program trials for creating the diagram but these often do not include the testing environment.

This is why a lot of hobbyists often opt for the tried-and-tested method of drawing the diagram directly on the copper plate of the circuit board. This is way cheaper than installing a program on the computer. All the individual needs to invest on is a bunch of Sharpies and a ruler for drawing the lines and symbols with.

However, making a mistake on the drawing can be tricky since permanent markers cannot be erased that easily. Any leftover mark could cause an error with the mounting of the components, which means that the PCB fabrication could end up as a failure. The best way to avoid mistakes is to create the schematic diagram on a piece of paper first and once it is finalized, just copy the final output onto the circuit board.

pcbOnly a few people are aware of the amount of work that goes into PCB fabrication. The only concern for most people is that their electronic gadgets should be working as promised. What they fail to understand is that these gadgets are only able to deliver the work that it is supposed to deliver because the printed circuit board makes it possible.

The PCB not only simplifies the way that electrical components operate. It also makes it possible for more than one component to operate simultaneously. This is why you can play online games on your while the various social media apps are running and constantly popping notifications of online activities.

Another notable fact is that PCB fabrication has come a long way from when it was first patented in the mid-1900s. All the recent developments in the fabrication of printed circuit boards have made it possible for televisions to be thinner, wider, and smarter. Advances in PCB technology has made it easier for people to connect to each other over long distances but with fewer costs.You can see more details about PCB fabrication by visiting on site Pcbnet.

This is why a lot of technological geeks are interested in creating PCBs. Who knows maybe they might be the next person to discover another advanced method for modernizing the backbone of every piece of electronic device ever invented.

Custom Silicone Bracelets For Less

Looking for the highest quality silicone bracelets? You have come to the right place. You will find great collections of rubber bracelets at amazingly low prices. If you want to advertise your business, promote a new product, spread awareness or simply take a good message to the public, then there’s no easier and more effective way to do so than by customizing great-looking bracelets. Take a look at the bracelet styles we offer and let us know which one you like best.

Debossed Bracelets

Debossed bracelets are the most commonly used bracelet style. You can include the name, logo or slogan of your organization to the design and we’ll mold it directly onto the bracelet. We use 100% hypoallergenic silicone in making our products so you can guarantee both quality and safety.Debossed Bracelets

Embossed Bracelets

Take your custom bracelets to the next level by choosing our embossed silicone bracelets. With this style, we take your own design and mold it into the bracelet in such a way that it is raised above the surface. This makes the name and logo of your organization even more noticeable.

Color Filled Bracelets

If you’re not satisfied with only one layer of color, then check out our color filled bracelets. We’ll paint the recesses of your design—the logo or text—with the color of your choice. The result is a gorgeous-looking bracelet that is sure to grab attention.

Color Coated Bracelets

This is the latest style of bracelet we carry. With color coated bracelets, we apply a coating on the outside of the band then engrave your design afterwards. The effect this creates is an incredible color contrast and your custom bracelet will certainly be a head-turner!Color Coated Bracelets

One Inch Bracelets

Go with our one inch bracelets if you want your design to be large enough for people to see even from afar. Standard bracelets are half-inch, so with twice the space, you can also incorporate other features to your silicone bracelets to make it look more remarkable.

Three Quarter Inch Bracelets

If you’re not satisfied with the standard half-inch but think one inch is too big, then three quarter inch bracelets are perfect for you. You can increase the size your bracelet design without being overly showy. Three quarter inch bracelets are prevalent with musicians so don’t be surprised if you see many music lovers and concert-goers wearing them.

Segmented Bracelets

Segmented bracelets can fit in just about any situation. Pick two or three colors and we will segment these around the bracelets. Your multicolored bracelets will look more vibrant and will surely turn heads. You can incorporate segmented colors to any bracelet style except color-coated.

Swirled Bracelets

Bracelets with swirled colors have a tie-dyed look and this is great for sports teams and other organizations whose logo includes several colors. You can select up to three colors to be swirled around the bracelets. The finished product is a bracelet that is more exciting and noticeable. Swirled colors can be used on silk screened, embossed and debossed bracelets.

Silkscreen Bracelets

If your design has intricate lettering or features, then try our silkscreen bracelets. We’ll print your design onto the silicone bracelets and you can include any text or logo as long as the size can accommodate it. However, keep in mind that the silkscreen process creates a print that is not as long-lasting as with other bracelet styles.One Inch Bracelets

Keychain Bands

If you want something truly unique, how about turning your bracelets into keychains? We’ll attach a special mechanism to a regular bracelet and create keychains which will make your customers remember your brand. Simple yet smart!

Micro Bracelets

More and more schools and fundraisers are using micro bracelets to publicize their name. Because of the small size which is only ¼ inch, people are likely to wear multiple bracelets at the same time. However, if your design is elaborate, it may not be as legible on micro bracelets as on bigger sized bracelets.

Finger Bands

Finger bands are one of our freshest items. Small enough to fit on your fingers, finger bands are an easy yet effective way to spread brand awareness. We use the same material in making our finger bands so you can expect the same quality and general appearance as with all our custom silicone bracelets.